Automobile accidents continue to occur at alarming rates. Sadly, countless injuries and deaths could be avoided if drivers simply followed even the most basic of safety rules. However, many choose to drive drunk, use their smart phones, speed and more. The result if often a serious injury and the best way to recover the damages you may be owed is by hiring a lawyer with the skill, experience and resources to represent you.

Serious car or other motor vehicle crashes usually fit into one of these four categories: a rear end collision, an intersectional (T-Bone) accident, a rollover or the victim of hit-and-run or drunk driver.

These cases tend to have many variables. The driver who caused the crash may not have enough insurance to adequately compensate our client or the driver may not even have insurance at all.

The resulting injuries can be quite serious. With the help of medical experts, we are able to assess short and long-term health issues, often ranging from scarring to broken bones to significant knee, neck and back injuries to head injuries (which may cause brain damage) or even, in the worst-case scenario, paralysis.

At the Kulik Law firm, we recognize that these injuries may alter your life and therefore we take staying on top of Florida’s automobile, insurance and liability laws quite seriously. We know that there are different sources of recovery available to car crash victims and their families. We are committed to making sure that you are well taken care of, including damages for medical bills and lost wages, protecting your job status and fair compensation through settlement or trial.